Our Company

Since 1996, Vethaa is proudly associated with dairy production. With years of experience, the company is now manufacturing and marketing milk and milk products including butter, paneer, ghee and fresh cream under Vethaa brand.

From the fresh farms to the family table, Vethaa brings in milk and milk products, as a rich, creamy and great source of vitamin D, calcium & energy. Be it for the one who sips or guzzles milk, or has a craving for thick curd or moist paneer or smooth fresh cream, we offer a wide range of delicious dairy products, for the whole of the family.

With no artificial hormones, tested for antibiotics, and continuous quality testing to ensure purity of milk, we bring in only the best for the family, always.


We, as a company have always realized in giving back to the community.

Vethaa sources a significant part of its liquid milk requirement from dairy cooperatives and village level farmer centric organizations. We are committed to uphold institutional structures that empower milk producers and farmers through processes that are equitable. A considerable portion of our income is ploughed back into the value chain to support and maintain the system. Quality of milk is of paramount importance and so we have invested extensively in installing hi tech automated machines to ensure high product quality / reliability and safety.